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Earth is Flat by Thomas L. Friedman
CWG Computer Graphics World - fascinating free industry magazine covering movies, games and hardware
KPBS British Landscapes Tour Aug2014 First pass at Microsoft OneNote docs

GreenRiceRecipe.txt. This was my grandmother (selma douglas) recipe that was a main stay for my parents entertaining nights. It can be prepared early in the day and cooked before guests arrive giving the house a really good, and distinctive, smell. It also freezes well, so cooking a large batch as this recipe creates is great. You can give guests some to take home ... or "we" can keep for ourselves for the next nights meals.
Josh - Through my lens - 8 day Rd trip Alaska

Vista High 50th Reunion pics from Gary T, Aug2019
2014 midJan to Mid Feb New Zealand

Kris Stewart thoughts on Walt Disney 18 April 2022

Annette dies 08april2013
I really felt this one when I learned Annette had been in a coma for several years and her passing was simply the family deciding to take her off life-support. I have a different sort of MS, but it was too close to home for me. Confirmed my decision to retire and start taking care of my "bucket list" as soon as possible.

SDRM schedule for Del Mar Fair 2011, Kris is there June 29, 30, July1, 2, 3 afternoon

Cardiff Kook good Video story at the corner of Coast Highway and Chesterfield in Cardiff, this is a terrific community forum. Please come visit. We made it into wikipedia and facebook.

Kris is a long time fan of Walt Disney

The Beard/Douglas/Stewart clan spent Veterans Day 2010 at Disneyland, celebrating Leigh's 18th birthday. The Flag Retreat ceremony that day was profound!
Disney Marching Band
Disney band, part 2

Palm Pilot Memos 11mar2010

honor Dave Martin April 2008 YouTube in 10 parts Nerds 2.0.1 A Brief History of the Internet (youtube in 3 parts)

Google Photo albums
Our construction album 10Oct2008 Google's Picasa

Stewarts get a new room. (thank you glen) one of their great example projects is the virtual Knee Replacement surgery,
I found this very useful to understand what happened when my knee was replaced (01 June 2002), along with seeing Airport Security becoming standardized after 9/11/2001. My knee now ALWAYS sets off the metal detectors.

Slide show of my favorites of me (@IwoJima Memorial DC, @Disneyland, on Microsoft Game Programming cruise, La Jolla RWS 07sept2008...)

Kris' swims sum2009

Yay, Kris! Finishing at Newport Pier 19July2008

IMG_0281-1 Balboa Pier to Newport Pier finish


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