Glen Stewart - Craftsman in Wood

Glen born in prairies of Canada, Saskatchewn, came to live with his aunt Maida Bartels and Uncle Fred and discovered surfing at Santa Cruz while in high school at Los Altos High.

Glen and Kris Stewart were married 26 March 1975 and started the process of getting his Green Card so he could live and work permanently in the USA. Glen was born and raised as a young kid on the prairies of Canada.

Kris earned her MS in Computer Science from San Diego State University in 1979 and got her dream job at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena. We rented a nice little home in The Meadows of Altadena, directly across the Arroyo Seco from JPL. The Arroyo Seco is also the home of the Rose Bowl.

Glen ran into an old Verdugo High buddy who suggested he work with Ken Ross on his project to resurrect the Bolton House. As Glen read and practiced his skills, he found his career in the style of Greene and Greene workworking and construction.

I think these three articles helps highlight Glen's professional career.

Resurrecting the Bolton House by Ken Ross, Fine Homebuilding Oct/Nov 1983 No.17
Glen discovers Greene and Greene craftmen in Pasadena.

Craftsman Style Beach House by Tim Andersen, Fine Homebuildibng Feb/March 1986 No. 31 [Cover of magazine is view from home to the ocean]
Tim Andersen is the same architect from Bolton House restoration. Glen and Gordon Sproul build craftsman home on the beach of Port Hueneme, near Oxnard, CA.

Stair in the Air by Glen Stewart, Fine Homebuilding June/July 2001.
Glen writes about the unique staircase he built for client John in Nantucket. Kris get a photo credit on p. 72