Open/Rough Water Swims 2007 for Kris Stewart

Newport-Balboa Pier Swim 07July07 Womens Results Kris was 217 overall, second in her age group [1:11.47] Entry/details
The following photos were taken by Kat Prichard (thank you Kat)
Race startMass Start
kris in background with pink cap
kris in the crowd finishing

Seal Beach 5K 14July07 Kris wins her age group [1.45:01.4] Results

Hermosa Beach Pier -> Manhattan Beach Pier 05Aug07[Dwight Crum Swim] Entry/details
Results Kris is 2nd in age group (55-59) [1:04:45.69]

Labor Day Pier Swim, Oceanside 03Sept07 Oceanside Swim Club Women Results 2007 [Kris gets third, after DQ of Suzanne Cooper, using Wetsuit or Fins count] We had surf!

La Jolla Rough Water Swim (LJRWS) 09Sept07 Kris swims the Gatorman (3mi)
finishes 2nd in her age group 1:41:00 (4 minute buffer from the cut off time)

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