Michael Robertson, SDSC's Mr. Mac to MP3.com to model S.D. entrepreneur
Presents at Sweetlab's StartUpsAreBetter Event 01Dec2011

Kris Stewart, stewart@sdsu.edu 09Dec2011

This reflection was motivated by hearing Michael Robertson speak at the San Diego Start-Ups gathering on Thur 01Dec2011, SweetLabs, 5th&Market Downtown.
michaelrobertson.com/about.php Nice description of how Michael made his millions off MP3.com

I have had the opportunity to work with fascinating people over my time in computing, which started in Fall 1976. Armed with my BA in Math from UCSD in March 1973 and a first failed attempt at grad school at UC Berkeley, hoping to study differential geometry, I enrolled in Math 693a with Jim Ross and a grad stat class at SDSU. I was looking for a field that would use my math background, and also "do something" with that math. Turns out grad Stat was not a fit, but grad Numerical was!

From: goose@sweetlabs.com
    First and foremost thanks for attending our hiring event. Its nice to
see you and thanks for promoting our event and commenting on facebook.
Below are some of the pictures from the event.  
Pictures from Goose 
As a result, Chris Rice is now being screened and hopefully will score an
interview with us.  =)
Thanks again
Joseph "Goose" Aranez
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