Walt Disney's Barn - Griffith Park & nearby Uncle Robert Disney's home

Walt Disney's Barn - Griffith Park & nearby Uncle Robert Disney's home Kris Stewart's Home Page

Fans of Walt Disney and of Railroading may enjoy a visit to Walt's Barn en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Walt_Disney%27s_Carolwood_Barn, Walt's Barn in wikipedia

Kris volunteers at Walt's Barn June 2008 - 15June2008 for the first time (thanks to Bill Barbe for the invite). Please join us all!

Walt's Barn is open the third Sunday of the month in L.A.'s Griffith Park and is staffed by volunteers. Kris Stewart was able to visit 17Dec06 and was especially fortunate to invite herself along on a spontaneous tour of some of Walt's locations by Doug. Many thanks to Doug.

Carolwood Pacific Railroad
The Carolwood Pacific Railroad was a live steam backyard railroad, built by the American animated film producer and animator, Walt Disney (1901-1966) in the garden of the backyard of his home.

Kris Stewart on Uncle Robert Disney's stoop 4406 Kingswell Ave

Kris Stewart in Uncle Robert Disney's back yard

4409 Kingswell, boarding house across the street from Uncle Robert's

Kris Stewart in front of the first Disney Studio at 4647 Kingswell

Peeking into the first Disney Studio - visitor from Hong Kong and Tour Guide Doug

Walt Disney First Studio 1925-1931

LA Live Steamers consist through Walt's Barn

Live Steamer passengers up close