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3d Game Programming as Service Learning for CS-pdf. Accepted paper for CCSC southwest conference 03-04 April 2009.
Kris Stewart. 2009. 3D game programming as service-learning for CS students. J. Comput. Small Coll. 24, 4 (April 2009), 246-251. [ACM ref style]
word submit Dec 2008

cs583 resources [Spr 2009]

Spr 2009 CS 596/583 3d Game Programming will use a new textbook, apress.com/book/view/1590599241, with a new focus on the Xbox360 and XNA language.

What you’ll learn
Game Planning and Programming Basics 
2-D Graphics, Audio, and Input Basics 
Creating Your First 2-D Game 
Improving Your First 2-D Game 
Basics of Game Networking 
Rock Rain Live! 
3-D Game Programming Basics 
Rendering Pipeline, Shaders, and Effects 
Lights, Camera, Transformations! 
Generating a Terrain 
Skeletal Animation 
Creating a Third-Person Shooter Game 

Computer Graphics World Wall-E Pixar's latest challenge over digital sound
Mac Found Study Time Spent Online Important for Teen Development
Entertainment Software Association (ESA)
Rochester Institute of Technology Game curricula
2d Games from students at RIT (Rochester Institute of Technology)

TG08 Presentation, TG08 paper / pdf, word, htm
17Feb 2008 draft Topics Covered [htm] Topics [word doc]
Online Resources

Third offering of CS596 Game Programming Spr2008 at SDSU

Stewart supported by Microsoft to attend Microsoft Academic Days in Game Progamming conference February 2007
Resources archived by Microsoft. Please take a look.
Stewart's highlight of MADGD Feb'07
Original Agenda [Stewart downloaded to home system as archive]

Using Torque Game Engine for High School Science
Engaging People in Cyberinfrastructure (through game programming) from SDSU College of Sciences Fusion magazine, pp. 13-14. [http://www.sci.sdsu.edu/cos/downloads/cos_fusion2006.pdf]
This document provides a short summary of our accomplishments incorporating 3d game programming into the Hoover High science classrooms.
Kris Stewart invited presentation on Game Programming in Computational Science Education
August 2006 International Conference on Computational Science & Education (ICCSE), Rochester NY

Spr 2007 course 3d Game Programming & Simulation
using Edward F. Maurina III, Game Programmer's Guide to Torque EGTGE
product info from GarageGames.com

Spr 2006 course 3d Game Programming & Simulation
using Ken Finney, 3d Game Programming All in One. This is an excellent text with a wide coverage of topics needed for effective game programming.
product info from GarageGames.com
ECCSE continues [July06 upd2 Final Report]
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