University Senate IIT Committee
04 oct 2011 11am
AH1109 (FIT)

Our committee members (replacement for PSFA; need member Eng/IVC
CAL Ming-Hsiang Tsou;
Business Bonsik Shin;
Education Bob Hoffman;
* replacement due to Sabbatical * Engineering Tom Impelluso;
Health and Human Services Jong Won Min;
Imperial Valley Campus member-needed;
Library Lisa Lamont;
* replaced by Mark Siprut due to Sabbatical * PSFA Richard Burkett;
Sciences Kris Stewart;
Staff Lisa Heizer;
ITS James Frazee/Marc Pastor;
Acad Affairs, John Ross;
CIO, Rich Pickett;
IT Sec Office Felecia Vlahos;
IT Managers, Tony Chung/Kevin Carter;
AS representative A.S. President Cody Barbo

0. Next Meeting - 08Nov2011 FIT center
We will meet in AH1109 (FIT center) and james was able to reserve
November 1
December 6

1. Felecia Vlahos - Information Security Office
Felecia will provide a report of the CSU Sensitive Data audit (informal exit) and share the list of items identified for IT Risk Management this year.

2. Social Networking Safety (Ming Tsou - do you think this useful?)
Cyndi Chie & Kris Stewart will use in CS 301 Computers & Society GE class, you might useful. Our campus CERT-list regularly shares the SANS (Security Awareness)
This month we’ll look at social networking sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn. Sites such as these are powerful tools, allowing you to meet, interact with, and share with people around the world. However with all these capabilities come considerable risks, not to just you but your employer, family, and friends. In this newsletter we will discuss what these dangers are and how to use these sites safely.
Some of the links shown below have been shortened for greater readability using the TinyURL service. To mitigate security issues, OUCH! always uses TinyURL’s preview feature, which shows you the ultimate destination of the link and asks your permission before proceeding to it.

3. Rich Pickett CIO, Update on Gmail for SDSU
Mark Siprut shared a screen capture of the new SDSU email system.
Recall, Rich Pickett and Kris Stewart presented to Senate 06April2010 email move to Google. doc htm
CAL comments on gmail change

4. Please welcome our new AS representative to the committee - Cody Barbo [Interesting Promo from last year]

5. Other issues from your part of campus?

6. ATI (we continue to work on C.O. Accessible Technology Initiative)

26april2011 meeting; 22 March 2011 meeting; 22 Feb meeting 2011
No meeting Fall 2010 due to schedule conflict
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