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06 May 2008 IIT agenda

Updated Assessibility Policy [from CIO Rich Pickett 10apr08]
Tuesday 08 2008 11am agenda 11am AD 233

Tuesday 04 March 2008 agenda 11am GMCS 418

05Feb08 Agenda GMCS 418

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As of Dec05/Jan06, we are officially the University Senate Instructional and Information Technology (IIT) Committee. Approved by the Senate 13Dec05, authorized by President Weber 06Jan06. This is now official SDSU Policy.
IIT Committee (change from IT)

Spring 06 activities

Membership (as of Jan 2006):

# Chair: Kris Stewart, Sciences, May 2007
# Hoffman, Bob, Education May 20006
# Shin, Bonsik, Business May 2008
# Impelluso, Tom, Engineer May 2008
# Jong Won, Min, HHS May 2006
# Burkett, Richard, PSFA May 2007
# Chie, Cyndi, Staff May 2006
# Dworak, Ellie, Library May 2007
# Lyman-Hager, Mary Ann, A & L May 2006
# Vacancy IVC May 2007
# AS Student Rep, Brian Likens
# new membership from 13dec05 
# James Frazee, Director of Instructional Technology Services
# John Ross, Academic Affairs Information Technology Coordinator
# John Denune/Felecia Vlahos/Information Technology Security Office (ITSO) [chosen by Elene Gibbs, VP Business Affairs]
# Kevin Carter, appointed member of campus Information Tech Managers Group
Our first meeting will be 26Jan06, 2pm, in Room LA073, the Ed Center on Computational Science & Engineering (ECCSE), on the basement level, under the Info Dome of the SDSU Library. Please see agenda under Spr06 activities.

Fall05 activities
We have a Student Member for Fall05 - Brian Likens Members

Instructional Technology

Chair: Kris Stewart
Hoffman, Bob Education May 2006
Shin, Bonsik Business May 2008
Impelluso, Tom Engineer May 2008
Jong Won, Min HHS May 2006
Burkett, Richard PSFA May 2007
Vacancy IVC May 2007
Chie, Cyndi Staff May 2006
Dworak, Ellie Library May 2007
Lyman-Hager, Mary Ann A & L May 2006

Brian Likens, Student Represenation from the AS

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