University Senate IIT Committee
22 feb 2011 11am
AH1109 (FIT)

0. Our committee members - CAL Ming-Hsiang Tsou; Business Bonsik Shin; Education Bob Hoffman; Engineering Tom Impelluso; Health and Human Services Jong Won Min; Imperial Valley Campus member-needed; Library Lisa Lamont; PSFA Richard Burkett; Sciences Kris Stewart; Staff Lisa Heizer; ITS James Frazee/Jim Julius; Acad Affairs, John Ross; CIO, Rich Pickett; IT Sec Office John Denune/Felecia Vlahos; IT Managers, Tony Chung/Kevin Carter; AS representative Nicholas Turner

0. Next Meeting - Spr2011 - 4th Thurs - 22Mar2011 requqst reuse AH1109?

1. Rich Pickett CIO, Update on Gmail for SDSU Status of the changeover of email for the campus. Ming Tsou will add thoughts from his colleagues in CAL.
Recall, Rich Pickett and Kris Stewart presented to Senate 06April2010 email move to Google. doc htm
CAL comments on gmail change
fyi McAfee San Diego State University has a home use site-license for McAfee VirusScan Enterprise for both Windows PC’s and Macintosh. SDSU active faculty and staff can acquire this software by providing a blank CDR along with completing a license agreement at the help desk. Faculty and staff should first check with their local administrators to make sure they adhere to virus software policies that might be specific to their own departments. All users must adhere to the Acceptable Use Policy (AUP).

2. James Frazee has ITS Update
ITS faculty survey -- we're embarking on a strategic renewal process through which we seek to evaluate our effectiveness at meeting the university’s needs, benchmark our performance against other institutions, identify trends within our areas of responsibility, review the university’s strategic directions, and develop a plan to guide ITS over the next three to five years. ITS began a budget-driven self-study in 2007, and this led to the development of a 3-year roadmap. Lots has changed since our last needs assessment... James plans to engage college leadership, including IT leads, as part of this process
Return of Turnitin (plagiarism detection) software
Clicker reevaluation + PollEverywhere pilot
Blackboard 9.1 transition
Classroom capture pilot scaling up
iPad user group - will soon begin informal weekly get-togethers, 8:30-9:30 at FIT Center - to discuss iPads/tablet/slate computers (as well as eBook readers?) and their role at SDSU
Continuing development of fully online classes
Smart classroom stuff + upcoming college facilitator meeting

3. Social Network - LinkedIn
I have used the LinkedIn online resource for several years and found it useful with CS faculty. The student ACM computer club also recently heard from one of their former officers about the usefulness of this resource. I have looked up most of our committee members and found them on the system.
Kris Stewart on LinkedIn - easily connects with many News URLs, e.g. SDSU NAC Security list
LinkedIn search for Kris Stewart
Google Search Kris Stewart - I compete with Kristen Stewart, the Hollywood star in love with a vampire.
Kris Stewart Facebook tied to
Kris Stewart Facebook tied to

4. The University Senate requests our feedback
I forwarded the message from the Senate Committee on Committees chair, Cynthia Park, Sunday 13Feb2011. email to p. 71
Please answer the following questions regarding your committee and its functioning:
1. Is this description of your committee's purpose (in Section 2.0) adequate? What changes, if any, would you propose to make to this section?
2. Is the committee membership adequate for carrying out your assigned purpose? Should the membership increase or decrease in size? Please offer specific proposals if changes should be made.
3. How often does the committee meet? How many times did it meet in the 2009-10 academic year? Are the number of meetings adequate to accomplish the committee's purpose?
4. How does the committee manage rotation of its members?
5. How does the committee manage rotation of the chair?
6. How does your committee view its relationship with the Senate, the Senate Executive Committee, and the Senate office (Officers, Administrative Coordinator)? How supported to you feel in doing your work by the administrative structure of the Senate? When issues within your committee have arisen, to what degree were you able to use the Senate administrative structure to help you resolve those issues? To what extent has the Senate's administrative structure been responsive to your committee's ideas? If appropriate, make recommendations for changes in the ways committee work is managed at SDSU.
7. Please make any other comments about the purpose, functioning, or membership of your committee here.
  Thank you for your response,
  The Committee on Constitution and Bylaws
  Cynthia Park, Chair

5. Other issues from your part of campus?

6. ATI (we continue to work on C.O. Accessible Technology Initiative)

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Spr 09 IIT meetings with agenda
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