University Senate IIT Committee
26 april 2011 11am
AH1109 (FIT)

0. Our committee members - CAL Ming-Hsiang Tsou; Business Bonsik Shin; Education Bob Hoffman; Engineering Tom Impelluso; Health and Human Services Jong Won Min; Imperial Valley Campus member-needed; Library Lisa Lamont; PSFA Richard Burkett; Sciences Kris Stewart; Staff Lisa Heizer; ITS James Frazee/Jim Julius; Acad Affairs, John Ross; CIO, Rich Pickett; IT Sec Office John Denune/Felecia Vlahos; IT Managers, Tony Chung/Kevin Carter; AS representative Nicholas Turner

0. Next Meeting - Fall 2011

1. James Frazee - update from faculty survey
ITS would also like to share some preliminary results from the recent SDSU Faculty Survey on Instructional Technology Support. We had 487 faculty respond, and the data is quite interesting.

2. Senate online elections - concerns from College of Sciences png link Spam report IT Sec Off Solution
Stewart was cc:'d on the email from John Denune replying to Dr. Rob Edwards of CS Department questioning whether the recent online Senate Vote was spam.
The University has formal policy that emails that look like spam are to be reported to the IT Security Office and this was done by Dr. Edwards. In the response from the IT Security Office, John Denune provided good suggestions that the Senate Office (Allison Bobrow, at the moment) should follow to establish that such emails are authentic.
Did any other colleges have issues with the online election?

3. Congratulations to IIT committee member, Dr. Ming Tsou, as Distinguished Professor of the year from CAL announcement

4. AS message CB#S11-03
   Please see the attached resolution, entitled CB # S11-03  A 
Resolution Urging the University Senate to Support the Creation of an 
Online Database that is Comprehensive of all Course Syllabi, which 
was recently passed by the Associated Students Council of San Diego 
State University. This bill was adopted by the Council on April 6, 2011.
   We hope you will take the time to review the resolution. Please do 
not hesitate to contact our office at 619-594-6555 if you have any 
questions or concerns.
Thank you,
Grant A. Mack
President, Associated Students
San Diego State University
California State Student Association
Environmental Affairs Officer
Online Syllabus Database Resolution

5. Report submitted to Senate Committee on Committees doc pdf

6. Report submitted to Senate based on their request for committee activities this academic year doc pdf

7. Other issues from your part of campus?

8. ATI (we continue to work on C.O. Accessible Technology Initiative)

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