University Senate IIT Committee
07 Feb 2012 11am
AH1109 (FIT)

Our committee members
(replacement for PSFA; need member Eng/IVC
CAL Ming-Hsiang Tsou;pipl
Business Bongsik Shin pipl (H. Leon Chan, sub); Shin
Education Bob Hoffman; pipl pipl2
* replacement needed due to Sabbatical * Engineering Tom Impelluso;
Health and Human Services Jong Won Min;pipl
Imperial Valley Campus member-needed;
Library Lisa Lamont;pipl
* replaced by Mark Siprut pipl due to Sabbatical * PSFA Richard Burkett; pipl2
Sciences Kris Stewart; pipl
Staff Lisa Heizer; pipl
ITS James Frazee/Marc Pastor; [Marc now official Senate appointee] pipl marc, pipl
CIO, Rich Pickett; pipl
IT Sec Office Felecia Vlahos; pipl
IT Managers, Tony Chung pipl /Kevin Carter;
AS representative A.S. President Cody Barbo [official Senate appointment]

0. Next Meeting - Spr2012 - 06Mar2012? Tues 11am? and today meet some new faces
We will meet in AH1109 (FIT center) and was able to reserve
Dr. H. Leon Chan, College of Business, sub for Bongsik Shin [pending, Nathan Oestreich]
Dr. Mark Siprut, College of PSFA [pending, Peter Cirino and Shawn Flanigan]
Stephen Schellenberg, Associate Professor, Geological Sciences U Senate CoC Chair

1. Rich Pickett, ADA/ATI audit and the findings (see item 6.)

2. SOPA and PIPA
kris' thoughts ACM [Association for Computing Machinery]
I learned from my professional organization alerting me to the bills that the U.S. Senate and House were drafting that attempted to legislate IP (intellectual property, internet piracy, need to take care with the use of acronyms).
The first I heard was on Facebook (FB) while in Kauai. Liz Jessup is at CU Boulder and we collaborated years ago when computational science was big and I had my SDSU Lab (ECCSE / Ed Center for Computational Science and Engineering).
Arab Spring

3. Rich Pickett CIO, Update on Gmail for SDSU select SDSU Gmail Info & Settings; also

Recall, Rich Pickett and Kris Stewart presented to Senate 06April2010 email move to Google. doc htm
CAL comments on gmail change

4. [Still need] Please welcome our new AS representative to the committee - Cody Barbo [Interesting Promo from last year]

5. Other issues from your part of campus?

6. ATI (we continue to work on C.O. Accessible Technology Initiative) - see item 1.

7. scroll to select 07Feb Agenda for today's University Senate meeting at 2pm AL101

06dec, 01nov, 04Oct2011, 06Sept2011
26april2011 meeting; 22 March 2011 meeting; 22 Feb meeting 2011
No meeting Fall 2010 due to schedule conflict
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