University Senate IIT Committee
05 Feb 2013 11am

Our committee members
need member Eng/IVC
CAL Ming-Hsiang Tsou;pipl
Business Bongsik Shin pipl
Education Bob Hoffman; pipl pipl2
* replacement needed due to Sabbatical * Engineering Tom Impelluso;
Health and Human Services Jong Won Min;pipl
* Imperial Valley Campus member-needed;
Library Lisa Lamont;pipl
Mark Siprut pipl due to Sabbatical * PSFA Richard Burkett; pipl2
Sciences Kris Stewart; pipl, pipl-2
Staff Lisa Heizer; pipl, pipl-2
ITS James Frazee/Marc Pastor; pipl james, pipl-2, pipl marc
Acad Affairs, John Ross;pipl
CIO, Rich Pickett; pipl
IT Sec Office Felecia Vlahos; pipl
IT Managers, Tony Chung pipl /Kevin Carter;
AS representative Tara O'Brien

0. Next Meeting - Spring 2013 - 05 Mar Tues 11am - AH1109 ?

1. Update on ITS - James Frazee

2. Campus Security Document (IT Security Office - F. Vlahos)
I hope you had a chance to respond to Felecia V. email requesting comment on the next campus. I comments on the Wireless policy, after speaking with my IT Coordinator for Sciences, Diana Osborn. I did ask Felecia for the members of the committee she worked with to fashion the draft that was shared:
Gene LeDuc, Rich Pickett, Kathy S. Williams, Popak Roshan, Marc Pastor, Edward Dial, Bob Hoffman, Diana Osborn, Tim Maides, Gregg Koyamatsu, Luke Duesbery, Ph.D., Jose Luis Alvarado, John Ross, Connie English, Chris Cummins, Felecia Vlahos

3. IBM portal for Ca Public Sector
Does this have an impact on our "industry"?

4. CTL Calendar

5. U Senate Strategic Plan today Bill Eadie email

6. Massive Open Online Courses - campus support ? ITS
One possible topic we could discuss is the MOOC (MOOC.) Massive open online course. I recently took a course from coursera about social network analysis. It is a great experience for me and I wonder if any SDSU faculty members might be interested in creating MOOC? Just my two cents. from Coursera

Peter Herman's note is a timely reminder of ongoing discussions about MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) nationally, and indeed in many developed and developing countries.
We are pleased to announce that CTL and ITS will be hosting a lunch presentation on MOOCS this spring by Dr. Amy Collier for SDSU faculty interested in the implications of this approach.  For more about Dr. Collier, Director of Stanford University's Center for Teaching and Learning, see
CTL's schedule and registration system for spring lunches will be available soon.  In the meantime, please save the date if you are interested.
MOOCS: Monsters, Machines, Rockstars, and Humans
Amy Collier, Director Stanford University Center for Teaching and Learning
Thursday, February 28
Faculty-Staff Club
11:30-12:50, complimentary lunch
1:00-1:50, continuing discussion
Brock S. Allen, PhD,
Professor Emeritus
Center for Teaching & Learning,
San Diego State University
Voice & SMS: 619.282.3400
On Wed, Jan 16, 2013 at 8:34 AM, Peter Herman wrote: Hi All, There was a New York Times article on this yesterday, and here’s the link to today’s IHE piece on Governor Brown’s enthusiasm for MOOCs and the experiment presently being run (on human subjects?) using them for intro classes at SJSU: SJSU pch

Looking through the SDSU Senate agenda for tues 2pm, 8.5 CFA (Toombs)
"To: Senate
From: Charles Toombs, Chapter President, CFA
Date: 23 January 2013
Re: Information Item
CFA Report:
Udacity, San Jose State to partner for online education pilot program CSU Chancellor Timothy White joined Gov. Jerry Brown, the San Jose State campus president and Sebastian Thrun, the head of an online education company, to announce a pilot online teaching project at a news conference on January 15. Three courses (six online course sections) will be offered to 50 matriculated San Jose State students and 50 community college and high school students. The curriculum and teaching is being prepared by San Jose State faculty working together with Udacity, a new company offering free, very large online courses commonly known as MOOCs (Massively Open Online Courses). This experimental project is designed, in part, to see if the drop-out and failure rates (as high as 90%) in so many online courses can be improved. ... just the start of the article"\
6b. ACM Will MOOC change how we teach? DL Positioning ACM for an Open Access Future pdf

7. Anything new from your division on campus?

8. FYI - Kris Stewart emeritus today?
7.1, p4. U Senate Agenda Kris may become Emeritus today [if approved]
My MS is progressing and there are things I want to do, travel during the spring and fall when temperatures are better for me, and after 29 years of service to SDSU, I will be retiring [1, 2, 3, 4]. Thought you would like to know.

Some cartoons from the ACM SIGCSE 1; 2; 3

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