University Senate IIT Committee
08 April 2013 11am

Our committee members
need member Eng/IVC
CAL Ming-Hsiang Tsou;pipl
Business Bongsik Shin pipl
Education Bob Hoffman; pipl pipl2
* replacement needed due to Sabbatical * Engineering Tom Impelluso;
* replacement needed due to Sabbatical * Health and Human Services Jong Won Min;pipl
* replacement needed due to retirement * Sciences Kris Stewart; pipl, pipl-2
* Imperial Valley Campus member-needed;
Library Lisa Lamont;pipl
Mark Siprut pipl due to Sabbatical * PSFA Richard Burkett; pipl2
Staff Lisa Heizer; pipl, pipl-2
ITS James Frazee/Marc Pastor; pipl james, pipl-2, pipl marc
Acad Affairs, John Ross;pipl
CIO, Rich Pickett; pipl
IT Sec Office Felecia Vlahos; pipl
IT Managers, Tony Chung pipl /Kevin Carter;
AS representative Tara O'Brien

0. Next Meeting - Spring 2013 - 07 May Tues 11am - AH1109 ?

1. How did SIMSR/WebPortal go?
SIMSR/WebPortal Downtime
From:   	"SDSU Enrollment Services" 
Date:   	Wed, March 20, 2013 8:13 am

To: All Faculty and Staff

From: SDSU Enrollment Services

Subject: SIMSR/WebPortal Downtime

Beginning Friday, March 29 at 5 p.m., Enrollment Services IT will begin 
the migration of SIMS/R to a new server and new versions of system 
software. During this transition, SIMS/R and WebPortal will be 
unavailable. We anticipate being up and running again by the evening of 
Sunday, March 31. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this 
migration, please contact John Ross, ESIT Director, at

2. U Senate Agenda today

3. On Campus Protecting Your Kids Online [Ouch! March 2013 from Diana Osborn]
CoS Phishing Warning 09apr2013
Ethan Singer Registration Report 04Apr2013
Under California Bill, Faculty-free Colleges Would Award Exam-Based Ddegrees I don't have ChronHiEd subscription but Charles Toombs shared a related text from NYTimes
InfoWeekReports [how does it look to use sdsu/gmail item?]
Felecia Vlahos update Building SecUrity

4. IIT needs a new chair for next year - Kris Retirement Party 04May 3pm Prof. Marie Roch Bay Park home [2622 Arnott St] PotLuck
Annette dies 08Apr2013 [xmas'83 1st MS attack optic neuritis - home for holidays from UNM (Zuni bin garage)]
Want to join me at MS Walk Legoland 21Apr2013 7:30a checkin?
Please join me
Select "Join a Team"
Team Name: Kris' Buddies
You do not have to donate $$'s, but in order to participate and enter LEGOLAND on the day of the walk, you will need to register to get a number. They run a well-organized event and it's fun to see LEGOLAND in the morning.

5. Anything new from your division on campus?

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