Summer 06: Rebirth of a Numerical Analyst as a Computer Game Enthusiast

Kris Stewart Summer 06 Ocean swims

Kris Stewart was trained as a numerical analyst, completing her PhD in 1987 at the University of New Mexico, working with Dr. Larry Shampine, Dr. Richard Allen, Dr. Cleve Moler, Dr. Steve Pruess and Dr. Stanly Steinberg. She was hired as a numerical analyst at SDSU in 1984 (ABD) in the Mathematical Sciences Department and focussed on curriculum development in the Math 541, 542, 693a, 693b numerical analysis courses to effectively include computing. She also began collaborating with colleagues at the San Diego Supercomputer Center, which was one of the compute locations where data was collected for her dissertation code STRUT, so solve Stiff Ordinary Differential Equations. She developed an undergraduate course at SDSU on supercomputing, organized and gave summer workshops at SDSC for faculty interested in undergraduate high performance computing. This was called the Supercomputer for Undergraduate Education (SUE, SDSC G/S Nov92, and SUE participants). Stewart was asked to represent CSU/SDSU on the SDSC Steering Committee. In 1993, after receiving tenure at SDSU, she was asked by Dan Sulzbach at SDSC to organize and teacher summer workshops for high school sciene teachers interested in learning about computational science and how computing might augment their student learning outcomes. This program was named the Supercomputer Teacher Enhancement Program (STEP nominated for Computerworld/Smithsonian Award). [more articles on STEP: SDSCwire, G/S fall94, GSfall96]. Additional SDSC articles: NSF CISE/EHR workshop on CS Research Agenda for Ed Tech, Education at SDSC G/S winter 97, Stewart & McKeon to Ernest L. Boyer Summit 25apr97, USC, SC97 with Stewart's presentation at ACM SIGCSE 28feb97. Kris has also archived her "life with computing" and more in her personal timeline of technology. Hope you find it interesting!

An Ad Hoc Approach to Undergraduate Curriculum Development in Computational Science DOE High Performance Computing Education Conference, Albuquerque NM 10Feb1994

Cramming more components onto integrated circuits Gordon E. Moore, Electronics, Volume 38, Number 8, April 19, 1965

SIAM CSE 2007 proposed minisymposium 19-23 Feb 2007, Costa Mesa CA [Vakalis, Castillo, Stewart, Sale]

Keck Undergrad Computational Science Education Consortium ( KUCSEC) module

Andy Tanenbaum's Ten Golden Rules for Teaching Computer Science ACM SIGCSE 97. (I also presented at SIGSCE97 and saw Andy's talk and found it profound!). You might also examine From Commercial Supercomputers to Homebrew Supercomputer 06june97

University Senate IIT subcommittee

pICT SDSU may06 workshop
Group learning ideas - thanks to kathy williams - and Kris also "borrowed" the Johnson and Johnson book from Brock Allen (CTL) and owes Brock an email with subject: Borrowed _________.

EPIC06 Some screen shots of the Torque Computer Game created at SDSU for teachers at Hoover High School.

Game Programming Evolution [and related topics, including JSB (John Seely Brown, former Chief Scientist of Xerox PARC)]

Ed Center on CSE continues to Engage People In Cyberinfrastructure [EPIC] July06. This document was included in the SDSU College of Sciences Fusion Magazine, which was widely distributed to share the research activities of the faculty of the College of Sciences. (Please download a copy of the PDF and take a look at pp. 14-15. Can you figure out what the binary in the background represents? Hint: Words of a song dear to Kris' heart!)

ICCSE conference Stewart's presentation "Computer Game Engines for Computational Science Curriculum Development"

Microsoft DirectX workshop at USC June 03/04, 2006
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