Summer 07 - Kris Stewart Activities
24June07 - Rough Draft

Kris Stewart, Professor
Computer Science Department, San Diego State University
GMCS 535
5100 Campanile Drive, San Diego, Ca 92182
stewart at [Kris Stewart Home Page]

Kris Stewart Rough Water Swim results

Having been Professionally reborn as a Game Developer in 2006
Kris Stewart is focussing this summer on several projects that build on previous activities to support CyberInfrastructure at SDSU. The ultimate goal would be to have strong collaborations among interested parties at SDSU such as Mark Siprut - (PSFA) Digital Media, Jean Twenge - Psychology author of Generation Me, the pICT program, the SDSU Library, Mary Thomas - Grid/Data expert and vendors such as Microsoft and others. Some starting points have already begun:

Microsoft XNA rfp 30May07. Useful resources:

A goal would be to have c|net news write an article

Activities 2007:

Torque X development - Summer 07

Prior Accomplishments:

Director, Education Center on Comp'l Sci & Engineering ( ECCSE) lab, NPACI
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