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Computational Science Curriculum Development

Dr. Kris Stewart (
San Diego State University

URL is [Update: 23Nov2009]

Note: As of Oct. 1, 1998 [until 2005], Kris Stewart is also the Director of the
NPACI/CSU Education Center on Computational Science & Engineering
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Please access this site directly to see the activities, projects, workshops and partnerships that have been formed at SDSU and within the California State University (CSU) system.

Keck Undergrad ComplSci Education Consortium 2002 - present

Undergraduate Computational Science at SDSU

San Diego State Univeristy now has an interdisciplinary masters degree program in Computational Science which first appeared in the 1999/2000 Graduate Bulletin.

  1. CS 575 Supercomputing for the Sciences (SDSU course)
  2. CS 205 - Computational Programming & Visualization Spring '98 SDSU Course
  3. CS 205 Intro. Comp'l Programming (SDSU course) description

National Activities in Computational Science Curriculum Development

  1. C.D. Swanson's ongoing compendium of programs in Computational Science Education
  2. Undergrad. Computational Engineering and Sciences (UCES) WWW site
  3. Undergrad. Compl. Sci. 1995 Awards Dept. Energy UGCSA 1995 (kinda rough)
  4. Computational Science Education Program (CSEP) Grad Level
  5. DOE Computational Science Curriculum Award (1994) Kris' Essay
  6. DOE Conf. on HPC Education Programs (Feb. 10-12, 1994) gopher site
  7. DOE/HPC Ed. Programs Kris Stewart's paper (in html) and RTF Word Doc
  8. Supercomputing '92 SDSC Ed Poster Kris Stewart's poster and RTF Word Doc
  9. STEP [Supercomputer (High School) Teacher Enhancement Program] Quick Overview of 1993-95.
    A detailed analysis of the program's impact on Secondary Science/Math Teachers was presented at STEP: A Case Study on Building a Bridge between HPC Technologies and the Secondary Classroom, Supercomputing '97, San Jose, K. Stewart and J. Bowers


  1. MathWorks (MATLAB) WWW site
  2. Netlib (numerical software)
  3. Netlib WWW site
  4. HPCC Software Exchange
  5. NPAC HPCC Glossary Extensive Definitions from NPAC
  6. GAMS (Guide to Avail. Math. Softw.)
  7. NIST General Info
  8. Weather Machine
  9. HPCC Nat'l Software Exchange
  10. MathWorks (MATLAB) faq
  11. MathWorks (MATLAB) ftp site